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Should I See a Gynecologist for a UTI?

You know the feeling. It hurts to pee, it’s hard to pee, and putting it mildly, your urine itself smells pretty terrible. Between 50 and 60% of adult women have experienced a UTI in their lifetime, so it’s easy to recognize the early symptoms. Now what, should I see a gynecologist for a UTI?

When Should I Consider Permanent Birth Control?

Do you often worry about getting pregnant again? Are you giving thought to not having any more children? Many women have these same feelings, and don’t want to continue taking birth control medications. Let’s get some answers concerning when to consider permanent birth control.

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What Does HRT Do for Menopause?

You won’t need anyone to tell you that you are in perimenopause or menopause. You will know! You will discover changes to your mood, your temperature, your ability to get a good night’s sleep, and even your skin. Oh yes, it will be quite obvious, but now what? You could turn to hormone replacement therapy,

What Questions Should I Ask My Obstetrician About Genetic Testing?

What questions should you ask your obstetrician about genetic testing? The best approach depends on what you really want to know. Every parent-to-be wants to have a healthy beautiful baby, but of course there is always a chance your child will have some abnormality or disorder. The good news is there are prenatal screening tests

breast cancer awareness at women's care

Breast Cancer Awareness At Capital Women’s Care

At Capital Women’s Care, we are dedicated to promoting breast cancer screening and advancing the fight against breast cancer. We understand the significance of early detection and the importance of providing comprehensive care and support throughout this journey. With the mantra “Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken, and Never Giving Up HOPE,”

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Pregnant Weight Gain: What to Expect

Being pregnant is one of the very few times it is actually healthy to gain weight. However, forget that business about eating for two. You eat and gain weight to provide nutrients for your baby so they grow at a healthy rate. Pregnant weight gain: what to expect and strive towards. Guidelines for Healthy Weight

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian cancer is often called the silent killer because symptoms are difficult to detect in its early stages. Understanding its risk factors is crucial for early detection and prevention. Understanding the risk factors of ovarian cancer is crucial for early detection and prevention. Ovarian cancer is often called the silent killer because symptoms are difficult

Gynecologist holding an IUD birth control device

Considering an IUD? What to Know Before Making the Decision

Millions of women have chosen an IUD as their preferred contraceptive method. It’s not a decision you should make on a whim. If you are thinking about getting an intrauterine device, but you’re unsure, let us give you information to help you make an informed choice. Two Types of Intrauterine Devices An IUD is small,

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Your First Prenatal Visit: Everything You Should Know

Your dream is finally coming true. You are pregnant! Once you come back down to earth and calm down, it’s time to start planning your first prenatal visit. Here’s everything you should know. When to Schedule the Appointment As soon as you are sure you are pregnant, call , and tell them you want to